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Here’s to Matters that touch.🙍🙍🙍
I’d give you a second to check what antisocial is.
Well, let me help you out… It is when you do not crave the company of others… At least in this context, that’s what it means. It comes all of a sudden sometimes and it is usually like melancholy, shyness, not having that feeling of belonging or having that feeling of being superior to the other person. Not all the time though but it appears once in a while. You might relate with this too, I don’t know if it happens to everyone or If I am just exclusively different.


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Strong…! Are you?? –


This is a brain stimulating post that you really need to read. The amazing author is Apoorvachouhan and she has brought to the fore, golden treasures to enrich the mind. Forget gossip and irrelevant things. These are the kinds of things we should read and learn from. Do you think you are strong? Find out now.

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Unknown Artist

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?
How do you like the Image staring right back at you?
Have you achieved your goals or are you still achieving them?
With your daily activities, do you see yourself moving higher in the ladder of life?
Are you the same person you were yesterday?
Do you get better with each passing day?
Are you proud of who you are and who you are becoming?
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Lie to me…


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Whether you choose to believe or not
Accept it or otherwise
The truth is a pretty ugly and tricky bastard
In some light it looks good, feels good, even tastes good.
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This is a poem that wears pain like a clothe. It carries disappointment like a handbag. It touches the deepest parts of your mind, those parts that were purposely hidden to save your heart the hurt.
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This is a piece that is laden with an emotional undercurrent of rage and a rebellion against sexist relationships where a woman with a mind and will (strong and confident) is overlooked, in favour of a lady who is just about material acquisition with little or no mental &  intellectual content, having not a shred of independent opinion aside that of her man… No insult intended, “This is the real woman”-some people would argue. Well, I am the Other woman and I celebrate all the Other women, all over the world. We have dignity and pride, and unapologetically so.

Here is what I have to say, in the way I know best.
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For The Love of Art…


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The body moved in a certain pattern
Arching, bending, twisting and turning
The arms and legs swung easily to and fro
Like a disjointed attachment from a toy skeleton….


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The body moved swiftly, slowly and surely
Transforming at angles that at first seemed impossible…
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The Real Friend


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Hey Friends, Welcome to BlackWordz.
Today,  I want to take you through a mental journey… To that experience we usually like to forget happened. So do you remember whenever you fall sick and it felt like you were going to die? Good thing, you are still alive and very well. It would have been difficult to recuperate fully on your own, you would have needed someone to really care for you. It could have been your mom, doctor, nurse, dad, friend or even someone you barely know. The presence of a caring companion sometimes is all it takes. We all need friends but more importantly, we all need good friends. Friends that heal!  Enjoy my little poetry and remember that awesome friend(s) of yours who was there for you when no one else was.
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The Drunks’ Reality.


Hey guys,
My amazing readers, friends, colleagues, supporters, acquaintances and frenemies, its so swell to have you again today. This time we are going to be paying a visit to our buddies who groove with the booze. Drinks, beer, alcohol,booze, ale, gin, wine, shayo… Whatever you like to call it, Its got that amazing ingredient that takes you into a whole new dimension. In this dimension, you are the king and you rule your world but when the day clears up, it’s like amnesia took over while you were asleep and remembering becomes a torture of doubts. Drinking is fun but being drunk has its perks and hells. Moderation is the word, when you drink till you lose your mind, you become a prisoner in your fantasy world because you let the booze assume your seat of control. Here are the amazing things that you do when you are drunk that you tend to overlook or forget…
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Sexploitation: The Great Evil


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Hey Guys….
I want welcome you today, To read and be inspired or aggravated or motivated or just feel something. “This is not a joking stuff” in Falz voice. It is very serious and it concerns every one of us. It destroys dreams, it births Touts, Prostitutes and Sluts. Its the reason we have hardened criminals today… Because when great talent isn’t given it’s due recognition, it is transferred to do great evil and that’s when it is given a recognition. Now tagging the victim, the criminal. Lets call it what it is. Sexploitation…“The Great Evil
Yeah, that’s what I have decided to call it.
Everyone knows what it is, we live with it, we eat with it and we sleep with it. Its that funny word called “sex exploitation”. For those who doesn’t know what it means, it is when a person is exploited sexually. Exploited in the sense that the person is being cheated or blackmailed through sex. It’s not the sexploitation in films, movies and magazines I’m talking about ,its the real thing that is happening to real humans out there. Men and women, boys and girls are all victims of sexploitation and it has come to be looked upon in the society as a normal thing and when you call for help you are being told to help yourself by yourself.
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