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I’m a Sucker for Pleasure – Musings of a Bad girl #7 (+18)

Did you know? I’m a sucker for Pleasure. I’ll take her anytime, anyday, anywhere. I’m a sucker for sweet fine things. I can never refuse the beckoning  of the sweet things of life. I desire I want I need  I … Continue reading

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Don’t Ask Me! – Musings of a Bad Girl #4

Would I be right to call you an enemy of progress? Because you keep trying to drag me back down to that which I really don’t want to recall. My mind is moving like a train without breaks… I’m already … Continue reading

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HYPOCRITES 😒 -Musings of a Bad Girl #3

In the nights the real colours show In the dark their fake skin rots away and the real ones juts out like broken pipe as roundly smooth and real as the bulging skin under burnt flesh.

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When I stole your Heart -Musings of a Bad Girl #2

You exist unaware That I have stolen your heart With that gorgeous smile of mine And all my witty comebacks… The way I look at you That belies a kiss to your soul. The unspoken invitation to take me But … Continue reading

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Musings of a Bad Girl… 1

What are you thinking about? Which thoughts do you grant life and which should you kill before they can get out of the vault of life “words”. The greatest choice is knowing which thoughts

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