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Denial -Musings of a Bad girl #5

Why do some people mistake a high standard woman for a gold digger? Beats me.Its simple. If you can’t tell the difference,  go get an education.  When Frank called me a “gold-digger”, because I said I was going to leave him … Continue reading

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Don’t Ask Me! – Musings of a Bad Girl #4

Would I be right to call you an enemy of progress? Because you keep trying to drag me back down to that which I really don’t want to recall. My mind is moving like a train without breaks… I’m already … Continue reading

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The Good Boy

THE GOOD BOY A deep revealing narrative that is sure to engage your minds. The reality is starkly frightening and sad; most times. This creative piece was contributed by Onus Obinyan,The Word Magician. He was the good boy of the … Continue reading

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Lie to me…

Whether you choose to believe or not Accept it or otherwise The truth is a pretty ugly and tricky bastard In some light it looks good, feels good, even tastes good.

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This is a poem that wears pain like a clothe. It carries disappointment like a handbag. It touches the deepest parts of your mind, those parts that were purposely hidden to save your heart the hurt.

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This is a piece that is laden with an emotional undercurrent of rage and a rebellion against sexist relationships where a woman with a mind and will (strong and confident) is overlooked, in favour of a lady who is just … Continue reading

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For The Love of Art…

The body moved in a certain pattern Arching, bending, twisting and turning The arms and legs swung easily to and fro Like a disjointed attachment from a toy skeleton…. The body moved swiftly, slowly and surely Transforming at angles that … Continue reading

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The Real Friend

Hey Friends, Welcome to BlackWordz. Today,  I want to take you through a mental journey… To that experience we usually like to forget happened. So do you remember whenever you fall sick and it felt like you were going to … Continue reading

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When you are married to LAZINESS.

The bad wife that won’t allow success into her marital home. Poisoning her husband because of jealousy. If you have a good lawyer that can process a clean divorce, please contact me. Continue reading

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SADNESS is a metaphorical anecdote of the musings of a bereaved, grieved and hateful child, whose first meal was hunger and whose first cloth was filth. Continue reading

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