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Here’s to Matters that touch.🙍🙍🙍 . . . I’d give you a second to check what antisocial is. Tedious? Well, let me help you out… It is when you do not crave the company of others… At least in this … Continue reading

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Strong…! Are you?? – This is a brain stimulating post that you really need to read. The amazing author is Apoorvachouhan and she has brought to the fore, golden treasures to enrich the mind. Forget gossip and irrelevant things. … Continue reading

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What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? How do you like the Image staring right back at you? Have you achieved your goals or are you still achieving them? With your daily activities, do you … Continue reading

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This is a poem that wears pain like a clothe. It carries disappointment like a handbag. It touches the deepest parts of your mind, those parts that were purposely hidden to save your heart the hurt.

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This is a piece that is laden with an emotional undercurrent of rage and a rebellion against sexist relationships where a woman with a mind and will (strong and confident) is overlooked, in favour of a lady who is just … Continue reading

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The Drunks’ Reality.

Hey guys, My amazing readers, friends, colleagues, supporters, acquaintances and frenemies, its so swell to have you again today. This time we are going to be paying a visit to our buddies who groove with the booze. Drinks, beer, alcohol,booze, … Continue reading

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Sexploitation: The Great Evil

Hey Guys…. I want welcome you today, To read and be inspired or aggravated or motivated or just feel something. “This is not a joking stuff” in Falz voice. It is very serious and it concerns every one of us. … Continue reading

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5 Ways to win back your lost respect.

Several times,  we have done things that has reflected badly on our behaviour and affected our relationships with other people. Due to costly errors in judgement and circumstances that goes beyond our self-control, we have lost the respect of family … Continue reading

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Nobody wants a baby with only one eye, a deficient brain, 36 fingers, or resembling an elephant or frog literally… I have seen this before. Alright,  I may have exaggerated a bit. However, this doesn’t change the fact that it … Continue reading

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8 Things to do when you are STUCK in life.

Stuck in Life huh? Some call it midlife crisis or confusion, while some just record that period of their life as the period where they were just tired of living and tired of life! It is that feeling you get … Continue reading

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