HURTING -Musings of a Bad Girl #6

This is what you do to me. Hope you are happy and enjoying your hot cup of evilness.

When you have settled in your mind that this is the One and something happens and makes you feel like you’re done. 

How do you help yourself when the hurt is exploding in your chest. 

Where do you look to find comfort when the one person who was your shoulder is gone with the dust of the late December. 

The tears flow unrestrained from your eyes as your heart pounds wickedly, hoping to burst from the pain. 

What do I do without you now? 

I bet this is what your spirit looks like 😈

Wicked deceiver! How is your father,Lucifer. 

You share pain for Christmas presents.

You’ve made me hungry for comfort. A little hug would do now, to mend that which you have torn to pieces. 

-Charis Black 

* In her head😑😬🙇🙍

Do you know. How annoying it is when someone accuses you of something that you are not aware you did. What did I do?  You can’t say but you rain down furious words on me. You know I’m hurting because it’s what I least expected from you. You start the silent treatment and turn everything I say against me. If you were just looking for an excuse to see someone else… That is a really lame and dead way to go about it. Just get up and leave. It should be that easy for you instead of trying to make me hate you. 😒 You are not even worth my hate.  

Sometimes the people you thought were your best would be the first to disappoint and leave when you need them the most. But when you think back on the little things others have done for you. You would realize you just might have been attracted by Gold coated plastic. Remember “All that glitters ain’t gold”-Anonymous.  I wish you all a prosperous New Year in 2017

About Charis Black

A Graduate of The University of Ibadan, Studied English Language and Literary Studies. A passionate Writer. Travelling, Reading, Watching movies, Networking and eating confectioneries are top on the list of her many hobbies. "Writing is my life and with my writings , I am making great impact in my world" -Goodness 2016.
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5 Responses to HURTING -Musings of a Bad Girl #6

  1. Alex Sarll says:

    Wow.. a powerful post! And I agree with you, sometimes people simply aren’t who you thought they were.. I have just hit 100 followers, and you are one of those, so I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU. It means a lot that you have chosen to support me. My book is coming along, and I am hoping to continue to increase my web presence, so thanks for being a part of that. Take care and I hope to hear more from you in the future!

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  2. U got me darling… !! I just wonder why people suck at conversations…if u want to stay …make effort..don’t lie..don’t cheat….if u want to leave..just fuckin leave….don’t let me waste my time and my efforts on u !!

    Liked by 1 person

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