Lie to me…


Photo Credit: Charis Black

Whether you choose to believe or not
Accept it or otherwise
The truth is a pretty ugly and tricky bastard
In some light it looks good, feels good, even tastes good.

And sometimes, it is better replaced with a lie because a truth can hurt, destroy and maim. Sometimes, the truth is not the answer. Sometimes the lie is the saving grace for a second chance.
However, every coin has 2 sides. Even the lie has its poison.
It’s not all black and white. Black and white tells just a side of the story. Ever heard the word complicated? That’s exactly what life is. Sometimes, I like the not knowing… the uncertainty, the thrill, the spice and colour of life. Because things are never as they seem.


Why do words have more than one meaning. There’s the real meaning and there’s the extra hidden meaning. When I hear you speak, I sort of  hear the extra hidden meaning and then what you had said initially seems like a lie because you had something else in mind. Maybe it’s just me or you probably didn’t count on me knowing what you really meant.
What I’d give to be able to read  minds.
I would like you to tell me the truth but I beg you not to hurt me with your truth. I would ask now, even so, that you lie to me and hope for the miracle when the lie becomes the truth…

-Charis Black

I’d like to Thank you once again for reading and visiting BlackWordz today. It is a pleasure to express yourself without the burden of being judged or condemned. “Freedom of expression” is indeed a mirage unless you actually can express yourself freely. It is a lie that looks like truth. Right now, I shall live in that lie and express myself freely. After all, It’s a free world.


About Charis Black

A Graduate of The University of Ibadan, Studied English Language and Literary Studies. A passionate Writer. Travelling, Reading, Watching movies, Networking and eating confectioneries are top on the list of her many hobbies. "Writing is my life and with my writings , I am making great impact in my world" -Goodness 2016.
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12 Responses to Lie to me…

  1. lifegoeson292 says:

    Beautifully written and I love the photos. You have a gift that I have no words to describe.

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  2. Edelweiss says:

    Nice one. Nice pix too 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Alexandra Ebere says:

    Give me the truth; for I would rather be hurt and maimed by it than to be caressed and then killed by lies. Nice post, black!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Charis Black says:

      Lol. Not all lies are evil sweety. Not all lies are bad. 😊😊😊 With the best intention, some lies work even better than truth, that is if you open your mind to the various possibilities, without sentimental attachments. Thanks for reading though. Your comments are always welcome with a ready smile.


  4. Chukwuma says:

    I agree with you Charis. Whether it’s good to tell the truth or lie depends on how it’s told, the objective and when it is told. No matter what, you must consider the person you are telling whatever it is to. You’ll be absolutely wicked if you claim that you hate lies and then someone asks a question and you tell the truth, and the receiver of your truth dies of it. Take this example: Someone runs to you for safety and then the people after his/her life come to you and ask you if you saw the person. And then, with all your piety, you tell them where he/she is hiding. Your excuse being that you don’t lie. My dear, sometimes, if not most of the time, to lie is better than to tell the truth. So, lie to me if it won’t hurt me. Keep your truth if it will destroy me.

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    • Charis Black says:

      😍😍😍😍😍 Exactly what i was saying. And sadly some people sentimentally misunderstand the whole idea. When I was little I and my siblings lie to our parents to protect each other from being punished. There are some truths that will shatter a persons self confidence and happiness… Some truths are even worse than lies. Context is life and life is complex and we live in a complex world. Everything is not black and white. Thank you Uncle Chuks for that inspiring comment. Much loveπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž


  5. forever says:

    Did we lie. Hmmm. Is it not better to be passive than lie? Hmmmm. Silence doesn’t kill you know. Thank u

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