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Twisted souls anointed with hunger and pain

Hunger-filled memories attached to tender minds

Lack centers their entire universe

As hungry eyes beg silently for genuine help


A graveyard of promises stretches the land

Promises that were made to be ignored

Policies made with empty words and hollow funds

Dulls the light in the eyes of these dejected souls


Eyes that look but do not see

Blinded by the overflow of opulence

Stomachs that are empty and can never be filled

Torn by the shattered rocks of disappointment


Skeletal hands outstretched blindly

Hoping but knowing that none would notice

The stench of skin mixed with dust and wound

Parched lips and throat echoing laments of decaying bowels


Give a coin give a note

The cry goes out from the hearts of concerned ones

Benevolent souls enriched with understanding and compassion

Fate doesn’t give a soul a choice to choose a time or place


A single smile from a compassionate heart, will do

Great repair to years of rejection and isolation

A willing heart and a giving hand

Is all that is required

For the redemption of these twisted souls.




This poem is dedicated to the hungry and little children whose parents are unfortunately incapable or absent and so they have to beg for a living. Running about the towns and cities, creating chaos and confusion, destroying precious wares of impatient traders and staining the beautiful, neat and sparkly wears of opulent individuals with their small and dirty grubby hands. Some are forced to steal, how else would they eat? It wouldn’t hurt to give sometimes more than you would have given, smile a little when giving.It means more than you can imagine because their sole survival depends on benevolent spirits such as ours.

Thank you for reading. I remain your humble writer…

Charis Black.


About Charis Black

A Graduate of The University of Ibadan, Studied English Language and Literary Studies. A passionate Writer. Travelling, Reading, Watching movies, Networking and eating confectioneries are top on the list of her many hobbies. "Writing is my life and with my writings , I am making great impact in my world" -Goodness 2016.
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38 Responses to TWISTED SOULS

  1. Don wiseman says:

    Nice one!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Temmy Gista says:

    It’s a very nice and touching poem

    I Love it.


  3. Oluwatade Ebenezer A. says:

    nice piece, keep it up u will soon get there. God bless n increase ur wisdom. I can see u going higher places, do not allow anything, anyone to discourage u.

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  4. Opacash says:

    Nice poem,full of morals

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  5. opacash says:

    hmmmmm,nice one ,I love the poem

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  6. Rowland says:

    It gladens the heart of the reader and causes the king to lay with a weeping eyes.. Nice one

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  7. Dappa kessy says:

    Good food for thought

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  8. Lewis Okpogba says:

    *Lee’s 2Centz:*
    “Parched lips and throat echoing laments of decaying bowels”
    That Line Got Me…
    Even After Reading & Whilst Reading, I Who Have A Few Nickels To Rub Together, Heard My Well Fed Tummy Rumble…
    These Disadvantaged Ones I Presume Must Be Used To The Music Of Despair By Now, Going By How Thunderous Their Noteless & Coinless Hands Have Failed To Fill Their Hungry Drumlike Paunches Which Beat Their Desperation Like A Dirge In The Very Centre Of Their Anatomies [bellies] Literally & Their Universe Metaphorically!
    The Next Time I Give, I Must Smile,
    The Next Time I Eat, I Must Give Thanks,
    The Next Time I Forget, I’ll Read This Charis!
    Thanks For Not Forgetting To Remember These Twisted Souls…
    God Bless U As U Unknot Their Cause!

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    • Charis Black says:

      Amen. That was amazing Lewis. U are true poet and I am very glad you got the message of the poetry. It’s people like you and me that are responsible for making our world a better place. It starts from us. Nice one. 💯💯


  9. susielindau says:

    I love this poem and it’s heart-wrenching truth.

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  10. susielindau says:

    Wrong it’s – its!!!


  11. Vitamin says:

    Eloquent use of grammar. Charis I’m impressed. This is good


  12. Kingrich says:

    Am impressed. Keep it up!

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  13. beatz by d'Oracle says:

    This is great bae!

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  14. beatzbyd'Oracle says:

    This is great bae

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  15. Chuks says:

    Impressive. You have the sensibility and the creative talent to excel in what you have chosen to do. Not even the sky is your limit. Best wishes, always.

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  16. moses says:

    That’s a good one….touching you know…

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  17. KeNn says:

    Its a beautiful piece Charis Black.

    My take on the matter though is that the ‘almajiri’ philosophy upheld in certain cycles around the nation has even made it much more difficult for alms giving to achieve its intended goal as this obviously helpless kids are often pushed into the streets as some sort of alms collectors for a master hidden beyond sight.


    • Charis Black says:

      You can talk to the kids… Nothing forbids you from talking to them. They are intelligent you know, they all feel the same way we do. Some may not like it, they may be doing it to help a sick family member…. Or something. There is an upcoming organization that is going to look into the welfare of these children. The ones that the government have ignored…. But then how will you decipher who is real or not… Does that mean not giving Alms at all…


  18. Rejected _Stone says:

    Give this lady a medal #smiling

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  19. onus obinyan says:

    A beautiful exposition on the cold reality that face these abandoned innocents and eventually churn out a breed of societal misfits and anomalies that come back to haunt and terrorise. A stitch in time…as the saying goes… nice one Charis.

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  20. Theophilus Enemali says:

    This is a wonderful piece. I love the juxtaposition of paradoxes in few of the lines. This is written from the heart, a poem that centers on the vulnerability of children who are not given ample opportunity to blossom on the tree of real life and whose lives are nothing but a mere shadow until a beautiful spirit give their lives an awesome meaning to live and not just to exist.

    “Skeletal hands outstretched blindly..hoping but knowing that none would notice”. A heart rending lines that makes one not only sympathize with the helpless children but to also empathize with them and feel their agony.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Victor says:

    …Give a coin give a note –will make for a good song.
    Very rich piece. Glad u’re doing this Charis…I’m so happy for u. Hope u understand.

    Liked by 1 person

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