What do you have to offer?

Behind your Make-up mask

I can barely distinguish your real face

Behind those cakes upon cakes of powder

What do you think about?

When you strut around in your mini skirts

I see the way your eyes darts from ride to ride

Are you looking for your Man or someone else’s?

What inspires you?

Your dreams or your emptiness

I hear you’ve been to the night club five times this week

I saw you with that Man, the man that everybody knows is a good-for-nothing

I heard you denounced God and accepted Fun

Who gave birth to you?

Is it the wicked and rugged streets

Or that kind sweet mother of yours

God rest her soul!

Is it those heartbreaks that left you drained and saddled with suicidal thoughts

When will you grow?

Out of this baseless and selfish existence

You are perambulating yourself

To the satisfaction of empty men

Make use of the brain God gave you!

Life is not all about curves and swells

You are not just a hole!

When will you decide?

To make up your mind

To live to your full potential

To wake up and stop the Abuse

End the rape of your potentials

You are your own demon.

I see real beauty inside of you

But I can’t bring it out of you

Only you can!


By  Charis Black











About Charis Black

A Graduate of The University of Ibadan, Studied English Language and Literary Studies. A passionate Writer. Travelling, Reading, Watching movies, Networking and eating confectioneries are top on the list of her many hobbies. "Writing is my life and with my writings , I am making great impact in my world" -Goodness 2016.
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16 Responses to QUESTIONS

  1. Osondu Ottah says:

    Nice one!!!! it will make well as a spoken word. keep it up Charis, the woman race needs people like you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don Wiseman says:

    Interesting piece!!, keep it up.
    Truly a good number girls under utilize their potential and have their mind in the wrong places.
    Everyone have something to take from this.
    “only you can” love that


  3. hadarssah says:

    Charis love, awesome piece. I pray many ladies realize that only them can bring out their real beauty

    Liked by 1 person

  4. val says:

    I had always been an advocate of Africans by us for us not the scarecrows many of our ladies are turning out to be with the ill mindset of they have to be fair or wear Brazilian hair ‘ to be pretty …
    For heaven sake! What happened to braids or puff puff!


  5. onus obinyan says:

    You’ve always had it locked babygirl. I ain’t surprised…deep, searching thoughts, this piece. The ‘Olosho’ population increases by the day…throwing questions not only at these girls/ladies/women, but also at society as a whole. Baffling!


  6. Abiola says:

    Okay, nice one

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ozy says:

    Real talk. Great work. Keep it up. You should try spoken word


  8. miss p says:

    Love this!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. promise tella says:

    amazing young talent, kip it up


  10. promise tella says:

    nice work

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Israel says:

    Words well chosen. It’s a call to feminine responsibility. An indication to an innate awakening.


  12. shinymeezhy says:

    Wow! Nice one. I like this one “end the rape of your potentials”

    Liked by 1 person

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